Hi Friends

10 May 2007


RadioTed is playing on WHWH in Princeton, NJ 1350AM - You can catch the sounds across most of Central Jersey. Courtesy of MRBI again!

I didn't get things running with the server, to make a stream and the new copyright fees may slow down getting on the internet too. Once we know what the costs are, I may fire up an internet feed.

19 January 2007

RadioTed has been kind of dormant. I am hoping to get a new server to bring you all the sounds of RadioTed.

30 December 2005

Happy New Year folks! Radio Ted is still playing on WTTM, but not for long. We have been having some trouble with the software to stream. We brought up SAM Broadcaster, and for some reason it is no longer talking to the database. I have queries in with the manufacturer, but no solution yet. I will be traveling this week, so I will not be able to get the stream on line before next weekend.

Sorry, but things have conspired against me getting it to work.

20 December 2005

News - RadioTed has about 2/3 of the music uploaded to the host machine. I will put up a test stream as soon as SamBroadcaster (streaming program) is up and running. Then a few of you can hear RadioTed at a time as a test. Please hook to the stream only if you are actually listening.

Hopefully, I will have the multicast streaming server going soon, along with the necessary copyright reporting. (So the artists can get paid properly)

The goal is that RadioTed will be self supporting - not to make money, but to pay for the streaming bandwidth and copyright payments. Listeners will be able to buy some of the music on RadioTed, and also Internet Radio Receivers. We will also have some ads here on this page for related stuff.

We are sorry that this is not all hooked up yet, but the great reception for RadioTed was unexpected (as well as the long run on WTTM). We are going as fast as we can, considering this is totally a volunteer effort.



17 December 2005

Welcome to RadioTed. Please check back soon - we will have the RadioTed Internet Radio Station here for you to enjoy.

We just have to get everything set up, that will take a couple of days!



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